Who am I?

Counselling is all about the relationship between the client and the counsellor. Clients need to be able to trust their counsellor in order to share their deepest thoughts and feelings. Trust can take a while to build, particularly when people have had difficulty with relationships in the past. The counsellor-client relationship is different to other relationships as while the counsellor may get to learn a lot about the client as they explore their anxieties, thoughts and feelings, the counsellor’s private life is generally kept private. That is how it should be as the sessions are for the benefit of the client, however, it can be helpful for potential clients to know a little bit about the experience and personality of someone they are considering trusting with their story.

I will endeavor to write some posts here as I find my feet with my online presence! To start with here is an article I wrote for Scottish Autism, shortly after receiving my own autism diagnosis in 2015. https://www.scottishautism.org/about-autism/research-and-training/centre-practice-innovation/share-magazine/share-blog-winter-1